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Korean Culinary Craze: bibigo Frozen Gimbap Hits Aussie Shelves for the first time

CJ Foods Oceania 2 mins read
bibigo Gimbap available in Woolworths frozen aisles nationwide.

Australian food lovers, get ready to embark on a delicious journey with CJ Foods Oceania’s latest offering: bibigo frozen Gimbap. Available now in Woolworths stores across the country, this exciting addition brings the vibrant flavours of Korea straight to Aussie plates.

As part of the global K-Street Food movement, CJ Foods Oceania is proud to bring the beloved Korean staple, Gimbap, to the forefront of Australian cuisine. For the first time ever in mainstream retail, Aussies can enjoy the authentic taste of Korean-style Gimbap conveniently available in their local Woolworths.

Gimbap, a delightful blend of sesame oil-seasoned rice, seaweed, and various nutritious fillings, is not just a snack but a cultural experience in itself. Wrapped in a layer of rice and seaweed and sliced into bite-sized rounds, Gimbap is perfect for busy Aussies seeking a flavourful and convenient meal option and an ideal option as an after school snack for hungry kids who are fussy about flavour.

The popularity of Gimbap has been on rise recently, blowing up on TikTok and breaking into the mainstream in the US. Now it's Australia's turn!

With bibigo Gimbap, exploring new culinary horizons has never been easier. Simply microwave from frozen in just over 2 minutes and savour the balanced flavours and portability that make Gimbap a beloved choice worldwide.

They’re also a healthy, nutritious and savoury alternative to Aussie staples like meat pies, cheese scrolls, lasagne toppers and sausage rolls. 

Available in the Woolworths' frozen aisle, bibigo Gimbap offers a tantalising selection of flavours, including Bulgogi-flavoured and Tuna-Mayo. Crafted with Australian tastes in mind, the vegetarian friendly Bulgogi-flavoured Gimbap offers a delicious blend of vegetable only ingredients, that will delight palates across the country.

Following the success of bibigo Mandu introduced onto Australia shelves last year, CJ Foods Oceania is excited to further elevate the bibigo brand with this addition of Gimbap to Woolworths' shelves. With over 1,000 Woolworths stores nationwide, Aussies from coast to coast can now experience the taste of Korea right in their own homes or whilst they’re on the move.

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About CJ Foods Oceania:

CJ Foods Oceania offers a diverse range of products, including frozen foods, sauces, noodles, and snacks, catering to the multicultural tastes of Australian and New Zealand consumers. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, CJ Foods Oceania has emerged as a trusted partner for both retail and foodservice industries, continually expanding its presence and influence in the Oceania market.


About bibigo:

bibigo is a leading provider of authentic Korean cuisine, offering a wide range of delicious and convenient products to consumers worldwide. With a focus on quality, authenticity, and innovation, bibigo is committed to sharing the rich flavours of Korean food with people everywhere.

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