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Apitherapy to Move towards becoming an Allied Health Profession

Australian Apitherapy Association 24/6/2024 2 mins read

Apitherapy needs to be adopted in Australia to catch up with our Asian neighbours included in the 80 countries that have adopted bee medicine around the world.

Speaking at the 17th Asian Apicultural Association Conference in Perth, the President of the Australian Apitherapy Association made a declaration that the association was committed to move towards Apitherapy becoming a self-regulating profession in Australia, like other allied health professions.

“To become professionalised Apitherapy needs training and education to be accepted locally, and for medical practitioners, naturopaths, nutritionists and other allied health professionals to undertake agreed Apitherapy studies in order to professionalise the practice of bee medicine in Austraia,”Dr Goodwin said.”

“Then as members of the Australian Apitherapy Association they can take part in a future self-regulating process.

In a declaration to the conference Dr Goodwin presented the following:

The Australian Apitherapy Association was formed to raise awareness about the powerful medicine of Apitherapy that has already been adopted by 80 countries around the world.

The Australian Apitherapy Association declares that it is resolved towards becoming a self-regulating allied health profession.

While Apitherapy is not currently recognized in Australia there is overwhelming evidence about its efficacy in the international peer reviewed literature and in countries where it has been adopted as part of the medical system.

“In Australia, we need institutions to adopt education programs for training  and we need Apitherapists to be appropriately trained so that they can safely utilize this powerful natural medicine. We call on universities to support us toward these ends.

“Course material is already available to implement and we have tremendous international support.

“We need more doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other allied health professionals to undertake this training and to become members of the Australian Apitherapy Association to be accredited as Apitherapists to work in Australia.

The Australian Apitherapy Association is supported in its efforts by the International Federation of Apitherapy, The Scientific Commission of Apimondia and the Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Apitherapy, in China.

These international bodies have endorsed training materials currently online at as a basis for tertiary course material. This material is available to academic institutions under license to begin Apitherapy training in Australia.

“Many international institutions are already training Apitherapists and it is about time Australian universities and colleges of natural medicine stepped up,“ Dr Goodwin said.

Dr Goodwin has now also been appointed as the Apitherapy convenor of the Asian Apicultural Association Committee, representing 23 countries. She recently completed a post-doctoral diploma in Integrative Medicine via Bio Quantum Academy in Canada and is board certified in Canada and the United States as an Integrative Medicine Doctor.

Bio Quantum Academy is one international platform that teaches Apitherapy. We just need more Australian institutions to embrace the enormous potential of the subject.”

For more information contact Dr Bridget Goodwin 0477 509 247

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