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Crochet for Calm: National Crochet Conference Launches Thursday

Crochet Guild Australia 4 mins read

Crochet for Calm:

National Conference Launches on Thursday

Focus on Positive Mental Health, Wellbeing and Creative Therapy


Thursday 27 – Saturday 29 June 2024       9.00am – 5.00pm


Crochet Guild Australia (CGA) – a national not-for-profit organisation - is holding their 2024 Crochet Conference over 3 days at Melbourne’s Treacy Centre, 126 The Avenue, Parkville from 27 – 29 June.

“Crochet enthusiasts, yarnaholics and the crochet-curious public are invited to attend,” said 2024 Conference organiser and CGA Management Committee member, Ms Andrea Clements.

“This amazing 3 day event will see crocheters from around Australia converge on Melbourne for this highly anticipated event.”

The conference consists of 35 workshops (half day and full day), a yarn market, communal crochet lounge for attendees to stitch and sip (tea & coffee available as part of entry ticket), 3 evening events including a book signing with Australia's Premier Crochet designer - Shelley Husband - showcasing her newest and 10th book - Corners and Curves and a Gala Evening event on Saturday night with a focus on ‘wearing what brings you joy’;  Plus presentations and panel discussions on topics related to crochet including:

• A Presentation on “Unravelling the Yarn - the therapeutic power of crochet” with Psychologist, Louise Pennant

• Book signing with Kylie Moleta author of “A Year of Granny Squares”. She shares her latest creations and designs on Instagram @stitchedupcraft, where she has over 62k followers. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

• Book signing with Clare Cooper - Ochepot Crochet author of the book “Amigurumi Adventure” Clare Cooper is an Australian amigurumi designer, creator and maker behind the popular Instagram account @ochepots. 

• Speed Crochet Competitions – “Fast Fingers”

• Crochet “Fashion Fair” daily fashion parades

• Film in Crochet by Luise Elsing – Luise reflects an imagined image from a film into a crochet form and will share this at the conference.

• “Bag it Up” by Janhavi Anturkur – Janhavi is the newest Committee member of Crochet Guild Australia and brings a fresh and new perspective to the committee, not to mention her beautiful crochet skills.

• Video Interviews with Martin Up North, Susannah Kate (Peppergoose) and Erinna Lee.

• An Absolute Fit by M-R.  MR will demonstrate how starting from any simple stitch and working up to a pattern stitch, how it's easily possible to crochet for oneself a top - jumper or cardigan - that will, without the slightest doubt, really and truly fit !

The $10 entry ticket ($5 for CGA Members) to the conference provides access to all speaking presentations, communal crochet lounge, tea and coffee, as well as a yarn market with 20 vendors. Tickets are available from the Crochet Guild Australia website

35 Workshops (sold separately) are being held on the following topics:

• Mini Crochet For Jewellery | Jill Bradley

• The Cove Blanket | Shelley Husband Crochet Clinic | Shelley Husband

Advanced Granny Square | Shelley Husband

• Architectural Crochet Designing | Jenny King Anatomy of a Swirl Jacket | Jenny KingTartans | Jenny King Master the Mitre | Jenny King Shape Shifting Shawls | Jenny King

• Nestariel Blanket | K.A.M.E. Crochet Mathom Beanie | K.A.M.E. Crochet

Sakura Market Bag | K.A.M.E. Crochet

• Crocheting with T Shirt Yarn | Vicky Ledwy Crochet a 3D Rose | Vicky Ledwy Tunisian Crochet | Vicky Ledwy Australia Crocheted Jewellery | Vicky Lewdy

• Waterfall Crochet | Linda Tomkins Crochet Cables| Linda Tomkins

• Crochet Lanterns | Jill Rakich Crochet Jars | Jill Rakich

• Tunisian Mosaic Crochet | Arunima Goel

• Sculptured Waves | Melissa Hughes

• Mosaic Crochet | Wendy Thompson

• Amigurumi for Aussies | Cara Engwerda

• Mock Hair Pin Lace | Linda Dean What the Pattern Does Not Say | Linda Dean Mosaic Crochet: 3 Ways | Linda Dean Tunisian Mitre Squares | Linda Dean

• Freeform Wall Art | Jill Bradley

• Llamma Worry Dolls (Amigurumi) | Claire Cooper

• Spin Your Granny Square | Kylie Moleta

• Broomstick Crochet | Lynette Latomanski

Why does Crochet help with Mental Health?

Often when we are heightened and feel as though we are ‘out of control’, ‘overwhelmed’ and unable to bring ourselves back down to a level where we feel calm, we are operating from the part of the brain that we call ‘mid brain’, or the Limbic system.   This is the part of the brain that is responsible for reacting to what we perceive as threat both physically and emotionally.  We can experience mild to severe symptoms in the face of danger as we are prepared to fight, flee or freeze.

Crochet helps us calm down and re-engage the top part of our brain, the part that is responsible for rational and logical thinking. Rhythm and repetition are soothing and motions such as crochet or knitting provide an opportunity to calm the heightened limbic system and reinforce a sense of safety and predictability.   In addition  counting requires us to use different parts of our brain and helps us to be present and in the moment. 

The act of the yarn moving through your fingers is a tactile sensory activity.  Just like counting it can be a mindful activity that helps you stay in the here and now and help with increasing alertness, calm and focus.  Not to mention it feels good! Just the motion of creating a long crochet chain can assist in calming.  Between the repetitive and rhythmic stitches, counting and feel of the yarn it is a great tool to use when you are feeling heightened and anxious.



MEDIA CONTACT AND SPOKESPERSON: Andrea Clements. 0417506018. (Andrea is based in Melbourne, Victoria).

About us:

Launched in November 2019, Crochet Guild Australia is a very young organisation that is still rapidly evolving. Despite the set backs of the COVID 19 global pandemic that unfolded two months after the launch of the Guild - we are committed to providing a centralised crochet community resource for education, inspiration and teaching tools for those of us who love crochet whether hobbyist or professional.

More and more passionate crocheters are joining the effort and are willing to put their time and work into growing our Guild.  The current committee acknowledges and respects the enormous effort and passion of the founding Management Committee and subsequent committees.  We thank you for having the courage, knowledge and passion to unite and launch Crochet Guild Australia. 

Contact details:

Andrea Clements. 0417506018. (Andrea is based in Melbourne, Victoria).

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