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Green shoots continue on a blossoming partnership

Queensland Country Bank 4 mins read

Green shoots continue on a blossoming partnership:

Queensland Country Bank and Queensland Garden Expo 2024



While Winter chills its way across South East Queensland, the only gloves Queensland Country Bank staff will be wearing, are the gardening kind, because once again they are all in as Presenting Sponsor of the Queensland Garden Expo 2024, held next month in Nambour.


“Proof that from little things big things really do grow, the Queensland Garden Expo is this year celebrating 40 years of sharing the love of gardening with local and visitors, and last year there were 38,000, making it the largest gardening event in the state!” said Aaron Newman, CEO, Queensland Country Bank.


“We are thrilled to partner with Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland as its exclusive Banking Partner and Presenting Partner for the second year, because just as gardens need constant care and attention, so to do major events like the Expo,” he said.


“As a member-owned bank with a distinct purpose of helping all Queenslanders live better lives through better finances, while giving back to the communities we operate in, it makes perfect sense to support this incredible event, one which shares so many grassroots values with us.”


Like the Expo, Queensland Country Bank is growing, and now have 28 branches statewide with real people in real bricks and mortar branches.


“The South East region is an important part of our business with a lending office and branches in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane city as well as Beaudesert, Virginia and Ipswich,” continued Aaron.


“Community support and partnerships like the Queensland Garden Expo are at the centre of our business, allowing us to give back to, and be an active part of, the communities we serve. Plus, our team are all amateur gardeners, from growing a few herbs in the kitchen to some who are fully-fledged green thumbs! Me, I love spending time in the garden, it’s a nice way to relax after a busy week.” 


Marion Beazley, Event Manager of Queensland Garden Expo added, "We are absolutely delighted to welcome Queensland Country Bank back as our Presenting Partner Sponsor in 2024. 


“Our values of environmental awareness and protection and our connection to community strongly align with those of Queensland Country Bank and we look forward to working with their team."


So over July 4, 5, 6 and 7, remember to call in to the Queensland Country Bank marquee at the Queensland Garden Expo in July, say hi to the team, meet the mascot Crackles, perhaps listen to some of the talks, and have a chance to win fantastic prizes.


Visit Queensland Country Bank or better still, come in and see the team at branches across Queensland. All information Queensland Garden Expo



When to plant and when to prune:

10 shared principals of gardening and financial management, because green shoots are great for both!


Good gardening and good financial management both involve nurturing, patience, proactive care and resilience. Knowing when to plant and when to prune is vital for both! Nurturing a garden and managing finances share so many principles, here’s 10 from Queensland Country Bank -


1. Planning is Essential

  • Gardening: Requires a plan for what and when to plant, and where. IT’s no use planting Winter seedlings in Summer right!
  • Finances: Setting budgets and financial goals and planning investments to achieve financial stability starts with a good plan to set the way forward.


2. Consistency Yields Results

  • Gardening: Regular watering, weeding and fertilising is necessary for plants to thrive.
  • Finances: Consistent saving, budgeting, and monitoring of expenses translates to informed spending and saving, to allow your plan to also thrive.


3. Patience is Key

  • Gardening: Plants take time to grow and bear fruit, and it’s worth it!
  • Finances: Building financial security is very much the same. Also worth it!


4. Regular Monitoring is Crucial

  • Gardening: Knowing when to prune can make or break a garden, as can pests. Know your garden!
  • Finances: Your finances need regular reviews. Know your bank accounts and your bank manager!


5. Adaptation to Change

  • Gardening: Plants are great adaptors to changes in climate, soil types, or disaster, and as a gardener, you need to be green-thumb-nimble too!
  • Finances: Be ready to adapt to changes in your income, expenses, economic conditions and disaster or major events. Remember, change is constant!


6. Diversification Minimises Losses

  • Gardening: Planting different varieties reduces the risk of garden failure due to climate, disease or pests. Great gardens have a strong range of seasonal and perennial plants.
  • Finances: Likewise, diversifying investments mitigates risks and can provide a safety net.

7. Knowledge Enhances Outcomes

  • Gardening: Understanding different plants, soil types, and care techniques improves garden yields, and make your garden bloom brightly.
  • Finances: Knowing your bank manager is vital, to source information when needed.


8. Small Efforts Accumulate Over Time

  • Gardening: Small, regular tasks like watering, pruning and weeding contribute significantly to a healthy, gorgeous garden. Bit by bit it grows.
  • Finances: Small financial habits, like saving a portion of income and reducing unnecessary expenses, accumulate into substantial savings over time. It all adds up!


9. Long-Term Vision is Required

  • Gardening: A long-term vision helps in planning perennials, trees, and seasonal cycles. What you plant in the first year, is very different to what you water 10 years later!
  • Finances: A long-term financial vision aids in retirement planning, education funding, and achieving life goals. See the forest AND the trees!


10. Dealing with Uncertainties

  • Gardening: Unpredictable weather, pests and external conditions require flexibility and resilience.
  • Finances: Unexpected expenses or economic downturns or world events require contingency plans and emergency funds and yes, resilience!



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