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Lime launches largest ever global pride campaign

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Pride wraps at Lime

The campaign originated from the insight that Third Spaces are essential to the LGBTQIA+ community. Queer people often have to seek out and travel to safe spaces, or Third Spaces. Lime provides an easy, accessible and safe way for members of the Queer community to get to and from safe spaces where they can be 100% authentically themselves.


"Many young people who experience social marginalisation (such as young people of colour, who identify as LGBTQIA+, and who have experienced housing instability, among others) have often faced significant trauma exposure and social oppression and may endure subsequent adverse impacts on their well-being…,[for these individuals] Third Places, public settings which offer sociability and community connection—may foster [a] psychological sense of community and social capital," says Danielle Maude Littman in a report on ‘Third Places, Social Capital, and Sense of Community as Mechanisms of Adaptive Responding for Young People Who Experience Social Marginalisation.’[1]


Lime’s Pride campaign will activate across the globe including Auckland, Chicago, Christchurch, Denver, Gold Coast, Los Angeles, London, Minneapolis, Melbourne, New York, Prague, San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney and Washington D.C. In each city, Lime will work alongside a local partner organisation focused on supporting LGBTQIA+ communities on the ground. In Washington D.C. for example, Lime is partnering with Capital Pride Alliance which aims to serve the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community all year long, through educational programs, events, fundraising, outreach and advocacy. Lime will be donating to each participating partner.


“Lime understands the importance and value in accessing safe and accessible transportation to and from Third Spaces, especially during the month of Pride,” says Wayne Ting, CEO of Lime. “Our vehicles are not just about getting our riders from point A to point B but rather are about fostering inclusivity, community and celebration. Our Pride-wrapped vehicles will provide reliable and sustainable transportation to and from Third Spaces so that everyone can participate in Pride events, connect with chosen family, and feel welcomed in every corner of our cities and communities.”


In addition to wrapping its vehicles, Lime will conduct an ongoing brand awareness campaign via social media as well as in-app and email messaging to let its riders know about the opportunity to support global partner organisations throughout June.


Members of the LGBTQIA+ community are employed at every level of Lime's operations and as a result, Lime is invested internally year-round in fostering an inclusive and discrimination-free workplace. Lime CEO, Wayne Ting, is proudly gay and Lime’s senior executive team includes three members of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Lime specifically supports the LGBTQIA+ community through its Lime Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG). Lime Pride is a space for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies to gather, support and advocate for each other. The ERG leverages community experiences to foster an inclusive and safe workplace for everyone. In June, Lime Pride is sponsoring both educational and celebratory events internally, encouraging all employees to not only celebrate Pride month but also reflect on the challenges and struggles that the LGBTQIA+ community continues to face around the world.


Lime strives to be a company that lives its values in every city it operates. Lime’s Pride campaign is the latest example of its values-driven approach, building upon the company’s industry-leading Lime Access program, which offers discounts for riders in need, and its Lime Hero program, which allows riders to round up the cost of their rides to support local community organisations. Lime’s success is a result of its focus on being the best partner to cities, working collaboratively to build successful micromobility programs tailored to fit each city’s unique needs, and to extend its impact beyond equitable, sustainable transportation services.


The full list of cities participating in the Lime Pride campaign, as well as their corresponding non-profit partner in alphabetical order can be found here:


The list of cities participating in Australia and New Zealand are:


The full list of cities participating in the Lime Pride campaign in alphabetical order can be found here:

  • Chicago (US)
  • Denver (US)
  • Los Angeles (US)
  • London (UK)
  • Minneapolis/Twin Cities (US)
  • New York (US)
  • Prague (EU)
  • San Francisco (US)
  • Seattle (US)
  • Washington D.C. (US)

[1]Danielle Maude Littman, Tara Milligan, Rebecca Berry, Brendon Holloway, Marquisha Lawrence Scott, What do recently housed young people imagine for the future of third places? Using game‐based inquiry to (re)imagine affirming, youth‐centered third places, American Journal of Community Psychology, 10.1002/ajcp.12750.

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