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NO WAY. Boys and Young Men do not need to Die. Men’s Health Week.

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Gervay is a best-selling YA author diving into male youth culture exposing pathways to finding who they are

NO WAY. Boys and Young Men do not have to Die. Men's Health Week.


Girls talk, but they talk to other girls/women. Grace Tame. Chantal Contos. They are doing great things but ... what about the boys?


Boys and young men die of suicide. 

Ambulances respond to over 16,800 calls each year from males experiencing suicidal ideation and 9,000 ambulances respond to a suicide attempt. Suicide rates rise with remoteness, especially for youth and rural men, are the leading cause of death for men aged 15 to 44.


As an educational consultant and young adult author, I 'sucked' out my son’s and his mates lives. Then I wrote The Edge of Limits because story works. It gets into the boys’ minds and they discover what it really means to male. Who they want to be.   


The Edge of Limits needs to be in every school, library, for girls and guys to talk, think, not follow their peer group or pressures by parents, social media and more. Schools are scared of parents and criticism. They don’t take the risk of truth. But The Edge of Limits can save boy’s lives and give girls insights into them.


Misogynist  ideology with role models like Andrew Tate, Ben Robert-Smith, ethos of some male sports players

The impact is on the NEWS with private and catholic colleges, state schools, universities, the culture of the ‘boys’ clubs’ being integral to it.


Rise of Domestic Abuse

5 women and 1 in 20 men have experienced sexual violence.


A group of people standing togetherGirls Talk: Boys Don’t

Young women speak, but it is to other girls/women.

Boys MUST engage with girls in a safe space like school, college  … and now.


Susanne Gervay OAM

As an educator specialising in child growth and development and author, I recognise that during adolescence, the area of the brain responsible for reasoning, planning, and problem solving, is developing, which when coupled with the hormonal surge of puberty can lead to impulsive and negative behaviour especially for boys. It is essential that boys/young men and girls/women talk to each other in a safe space.


This is a call to action for change. The Edge of Limits is part of that journey.

24-Hour Telephone Counselling

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide and you are in Australia, call:

  • Emergency on 000 (or 112 from a mobile phone)
  • Lifeline on 13 11 14
  • Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800
  • MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978
  • Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467



Contact: S Gervay for interviews on The Edge of Limits and provide a book for Men's Health Week.


Key Facts:

1. Nearly 18,000 calls from males to ambulances for attempted suicides or suicides.

2. Boys and young men do not need to die.

3. Sharing vital story to open discussion with young people through 'The Edge of Limits in all schools, colleges, clubs ... to break the cycle of violence.

4. Girls talk. Boys don't.

Contact details:


Tory or James




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