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Three letters, three deaths, three careers: How MND ‘changed our lives forever’

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Amy Schneider, Daniel Woodrow and Sarah Barratt lost their fathers to motor neurone disease (MND). They are now dedicating their careers to supporting all Victorians living with MND.

Amy Schneider, Daniel Woodrow and Sarah Barratt all lost their fathers to motor neurone disease (MND). Each of their fathers were a great influence in their lives, so much so that they are now dedicating their careers to helping people just like their dads.


They now work at MND Victoria, bringing their lived experience and shared understanding to help other families impacted by this devastating disease. They recognise just how vital the right care, support and assistive equipment is on someone’s MND journey.


Amy, Daniel and Sarah have all written heartfelt letters to their dads, filling them in on everything they've missed since they passed and giving insight into the passion that drives their careers.


At MND Victoria, we understand. We are here for all Victorians impacted by MND, every step of the way.


Watch them read their letters here:

View the full stories here:


About us:

MND Victoria has focussed on care and support programs to improve the lives of thousands of Victorian families impacted by MND for the last 43 years. We are the only not-for-profit organisation providing direct care to all Victorians living with the devastating disease, at no cost to them.

Contact details:

Daniel Woodrow

General Manager – Community Engagement at MND Victoria


P: +61 447 039 029


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