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5 Cocktails For You to Get Into the Spirit of Things This Bastille Day Including Some Non-Alc Options

Swifty's 4 mins read

This July, French seems to be favour of the month, with the Olympics and Bastille Day.

Here's how you can get into the French festive spirit of things with these five flavoursome cocktails, including some non-alc options thanks to Swifty's.


RRP $74.99
G’Vine Floraison is unconventional by its very nature as a gin made of grapes instead of more common lower quality grains. Fresh and floral embodying springtime - best enjoyed as a Gin & Tonic garnished with fresh white grapes.

The experience of indulging in G’Vine is emblematic of the French art de vivre, no matter where in the world you are. Each sip adds to the nuances of flavour and brings you closer to a deep heritage of refined techniques and local products developed over centuries.
G’Vine Gin Basil Smash

A refreshing cool green concoction with lemon and basil, the G’Vine gin Basil Smash is as much a treat for your eyes as it is for your taste buds! Of all the cocktails, it’s the lively Basil Smash that best pays homage to the fresh grape and vine blossom origins of G’Vine gin. Its vivid green colour and refreshing taste perfectly embody the sensory philosophies of Gin de France.


40ml G'Vine Floraison
20ml Lemon Juice
10 Fresh Basil Leaves
20ml Simple Syrup


Add basil to the base of cocktail shaker and gently muddle. Add G'Vine Floraison Gin, lemon juice and simple syrup and shake hard over ice. 
Strain over an ice filled Goblet glass. Garnish with fresh Basil Leaves.


RRP $64.99

Distilled, infused and crafted in France, JUNE gin liqueur comes from G’Vine gin the unconventional French gin made from grapes. Luminous and vibrant, JUNE is the promise of shared pleasure with a unique taste on a sunny day.

JUNE & Tonic


4 cl of June gin liqueur
10 cl of tonic
Fill a large glass with ice. Stir the ice cubes with a spoon.


Pour 4 cl of June gin liqueur. Add premium tonic and decorate with a fresh peach slice and a few summer fruits. Tonic can be replaced with sparkling water as summer twist.


Non-Alc Cocktails

Palermo Rosso Non-alcoholic Aperitif by La Martiniquaise Bardinet from Bourdeaux RRP $13.99 

Tasting Notes

Aromatic herbs and bitters mix with a subtle sweetness in this revitalising aperitif.

Serving Suggestion

Serving suggestion Sip straight over ice with a twist of orange, or use as a substitute for vermouth rosso in your favourite cocktail recipe.



Ingredients :

  • 30 cl of Palermo Rosso
  • 10 cl of strawberry juice
  • Ice cubes

How to prepare a Fragolosso Cocktail

  • Take a tumbler-type glass, ideal for a long drink cocktail, and pour ice cubes into it. 
  • Add 30 cl of Palermo Rosso into the glass.
  • Finish with 10 cl of strawberry juice.


Palermo Amarino Non-alcoholic Aperitif by La Martiniquaise Bardinet from Bourdeaux $13.99

Tasting Notes
Aromatic herbaceous plants on the nose, with a palate of citrus fruit and subtle spice. 

Serving Suggestion
Combine 30ml Amarino with 10ml lemon juice and 60ml soda water over ice for a zingy mocktail.



Ingredients :

  • 7 cl of Palermo Amarino 
  • 3 cl of grapefruit juice 
  • Ice cubes

How to prepare a Pelmorino Cocktail

  • Take a cocktail glass.
  • Pour 7 cl of Palermo Amorino directly into the glass.
  • Add 3 cl of Apple juce.
  • Finish with a few ice cubes. • Place 1 orange slice in the glass if you like.


Palermo Bianco Non-alcoholic Aperitif by La Martiniquaise Bardinet from Bourdeaux $13.99

Tasting Notes
Rich, spicy undertones with herbaceous aromatics.

Serving suggestion Enjoy over crushed ice with a slice of lemon.



Bianco Mela

Ingredients :

  • 7 cl of Palermo Bianco
  • 3 cl of Apple juice
  • Ice cubes

How to prepare a Bianco Mela Cocktail

  • Take a cocktail glass.
  • Pour 7 cl of Palermo Bianco directly into the glass.
  • Add 3 cl of Apple juice.
  • Finish with a few ice cubes.
  • Place 1 orange slice in the glass if you like.

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