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ADAPTOVATE forms alliance with GADALI driving indigenous capability in the IT

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Dustin McClung, Founder of GADALI.

Adaptovate have formed an alliance with Gadali, a national consulting firm that partners with community, corporations, government and technology platforms to foster employment and ICT sector growth while inspiring positive societal impact among indigenous communities. Gadali aims to establish itself as the leading ICT Consultancy and Systems Integrator for governmental and corporate entities, alongside implementing a long-term human capital investment model to provide pathways and opportunities for First Nations people to engage in the technology sector as a vocation.   

Adaptovate will honour the July 2024 NAIDOC week celebrations by acknowledging the achievements of First Nations people in our history and looking to foster partnerships in the wider First Nations community through relationships acquired through Gadali and its Indigenous network reach.  

Gadali was founded by Dustin McClung, a proud Ngunawal man that grew up in Gundungarra country. Following tertiary studies, Dustin progressed through a corporate career working in senior executive roles in large multi-nationals, attributing his success to hard work, determination and “being in the right place at the right time”. Dustin believes there is a significant amount of untapped First Nations’ talent in Australia that is unrealised due to barriers associated with distance, opportunity and available direction. Gadali will provide the pathways and placements to assist in realising this potential, by investing in a human capital model built by partnering with subject matter experts providing exceptional solutions while mentoring a new generation of technology professionals.  

Dustin says, “I feel very privileged to be able to share my experiences and help lower barriers for First Nations people to enter the ICT sector. I want to do this to provide support for this amazing country and the people in it, to learn more about myself, my heritage and the rich history that I am so very proud to be part of. Partnerships with companies like Adaptovate affirm that we are on the right track, that our approach is realistic and attainable, and that we can make tomorrow better for everyone by working together.” 

Adaptovate understands the importance of supporting First Nations people and how partnering with Gadali can assist in bolstering local ICT talent. With many companies looking to attain sovereignty over their technology solutions, not just from a data perspective, but from a support and implementation viewpoint as well, companies like Gadali will provide valuable resources to achieve these objectives. The use of local talent will have long-term effects with respect to employment figures, skills availability, and the wider Australian economic outlook. 

Adaptovate and Gadali, along with EncompaaS, have already made inroads as a consortium through their selection to the NSW Government’s AI Solutions Panel, administered by the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure. David Gumley, Managing Director and Partner at Adaptovate, Australia and New Zealand, recognises the significance saying Adaptovate is “very proud to see such a strong partnership with Gadali and EncompaaS, especially in supporting First Nations communities

Adaptovate recently interviewed Dustin to celebrate NAIDOC Week. You can read more with Dustin here.

The AI Solutions Panel is a centralised resource of suitable and mature AI products that councils can procure and integrate into their development assessment workflows. More information can be found here The NSW Government is bringing planning into the 21st Century | Planning 

Key Facts:

ADAPTOVATE form Alliance with GADALI.
GADALI was founded by Dustin McClung, a Ngunawal man.
ADAPTOVATE is a global business Agility firm.
GADALI is a new innovative technology consulting firm.
Both firms recently along with EncompaaS formed a consortium with their selection on the NSW Government's AI Solutions Panel. 

About us:


ADAPTOVATE helps organisations transform at scale to meet changing market conditions and increasingly sophisticated customer demands. Our ‘Development Assessment Intelligence System (DAISY)’ is a testament to our dedication to leveraging technology for societal benefit.


About Gadali

Gadali Group aims to be the leading Technology Consulting firm in Australia, supporting and elevating the Indigenous community and society as a whole. They partner with community, corporations, government and technology platforms to foster employment and ICT sector growth while inspiring positive societal impact among indigenous communities.

Contact details:

David Gumley
Managing Director, Australia
M: 0474 721 851


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