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AI meets Education: 5 Game-Changing Benefits of Prompt Engineering and GenAI for Australian Students and Teachers

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GenAI Tool using prompt engineering to help students work through problems

5 Game-Changing Benefits of Prompt Engineering and GenAI for Australian Students

MELBOURNE, 9 July 2024 As AI technology becomes increasingly integrated into education, many teachers and parents question if GenAI will lead to students skipping crucial learning steps. Australian Educational Publisher, Jacaranda is committed to ensuring AI enhances learning, not undermines it. Through innovative prompt engineering, Jacaranda’s Head of Technology, Claire Lord explains how JacTutor has been purpose-built to support personalised student learning within the Australian curriculum. Here are five ways GenAI and prompt engineering are revolutionising learning:

  1. Personalised Student Support.

GenAI, short for Generative AI, can tailor responses based on specific prompts. By using prompt engineering, resource developers create detailed instructions for GenAI tools like JacTutor. This allows for accessible and personalised student support specific to what stage students are at when solving a problem. Lord explains, “The AI Tutor tool’s mission is to help students get unstuck. Conversational-style guidance aims to mirror what a teacher or tutor might do or say when a student is stuck.”


  1. Australian Curriculum-Specific Guidance.

Generic GenAI tools, like ChatGPT, may provide varied methods and sources, which can confuse students. JacTutor, however, uses prompt engineering to ensure that all guidance is relevant, up-to-date, and aligned to the Australian Curriculum. As Lord states, “Prompts act as guardrails. Multiple layers of these guardrails guide JacTutor to facilitate best practice learning within the bounds of the curriculum.” For example, in Mathematics, JacTutor adheres strictly to the methods taught in Australian classrooms, providing clear and consistent support which aligns to what is being taught by students’ teachers.


  1. Support for Differentiated Learning.

GenAI and prompt engineering offers opportunities for teachers to support individual learning by catering to students at different stages of problem-solving. “JacTutor is going to help teachers apply differentiated learning in their classrooms. Teachers continue to be in control of the learning environment, while supporting their students’ differing abilities and empowering students to progress at their pace” says Lord.


  1. Structuring Learning – not simply giving students the answers.

Prompt engineering sets the rules for how GenAI tools interact with students. By defining the type of information provided and the pace at which it's delivered, Jacaranda’s GenAI tool ensures students are guided through problems without being given all the answers at once. Whether a student needs help understanding a question or requires next-step advice, JacTutor provides stage-specific guidance. This structured approach enhances the learning experience, making AI a valuable educational tool.


  1. 24/7 Access to Learning Assistance.

With GenAI tools like JacTutor, students have access to support around the clock. This extends the reach of teachers and provides students with a reliable resource for self-study. When faced with a challenging problem, students can turn to JacTutor for conversational-style guidance, like interacting with a tutor.

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Jacaranda is dedicated to innovating digital educational resources that empower teachers and students. By integrating advanced technologies, Jacaranda continues to lead the way in enhancing classroom learning experiences.

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