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Historic 67% drop in track mortality rate thanks to Greyhound Care Scheme 2.0 and Zero Unnecessary Euthanasia

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Friday, July 5, 2024

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has reported a significant 67% decrease in track mortality rates over the past year, largely attributable to its new Greyhound Care Scheme.

The latest figures, revealed at the end of the 2023-2024 Financial Year, show a historic low rate of Category E injuries and reflect new track and welfare safety benchmarks for the industry, including Minimum Track and Safety Standards and a Zero Unnecessary Euthanasia policy.

GRNSW Chief Executive Officer Mr Rob Macaulay said:

“Seven years ago, when the NSW greyhound industry was in the early stages of major reform, there were 140 greyhounds euthanised due to track-related injuries. Today, that number has dropped to 22.

“In the past 12 months alone, we achieved a two-thirds reduction in track-related deaths from 66 the previous year, which is the greatest annual decline the sport has ever achieved.

“While it is a significant achievement, our goal is to reduce that number to single digits within the next 12 months through continued focus and dedication.

“It goes without saying that the ultimate aim is zero track fatalities, and we are striving to become world-leaders in this respect.”

In 2023-24 the NSW greyhound industry became the first animal racing jurisdiction in the world to genuinely introduce and enforce a policy of Zero Unnecessary Euthanasia.

“This has been a concerted and collective effort,” Mr Macaulay said.

“It involves the dedicated efforts of the GRNSW team, our GWIC colleagues, NSW greyhound racing club leaders, on-track vets and referral vets.

“Together, we have all played a part in designing, implementing, and conducting the Greyhound Care Scheme 2.0, which has proven to be hugely successful in just 12 months.”

Mr Macaulay added that the NSW greyhound racing industry operates as the most regulated and transparent racing jurisdiction in the world and has been relentless on improvements including new Minimum Track Standards.

“The year-on-year improvements in welfare measures are clear for everyone to see. From rehoming of retired dogs to track safety and various welfare benchmarks, the progress is undeniable and openly reported.”

Results for financial year 2023-2024:


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Greyhound Outcome ↑

Record Count

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Deceased On Track




Euthanised on-track









About Greyhound Care Scheme 2.0

This scheme is an important part of GRNSW’s ongoing commitment to improving welfare outcomes for racing greyhounds by preventing unnecessary euthanasia of greyhounds in NSW and providing greyhounds which are physically healthy and behaviourally sound the opportunity to live out their natural life span as a companion animal.

The scheme recognises that the treatment of some of the more serious injuries can be expensive. An owner may consider euthanasia to be the only option to safeguard the welfare of the greyhound, because the cost of the required treatment/surgery is prohibitive and without such treatment/surgery the greyhound would suffer unnecessarily. This scheme provides the greyhound owner with financial assistance, if needed, to ensure that a seriously injured greyhound receives appropriate veterinary care and treatment including surgery if required.

The scheme also enables participants to obtain an accurate off-track diagnosis/prognosis for their seriously injured greyhound, so that a fully informed decision on appropriate treatment can be made.

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