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Swarovski Celebrates Launch of ‘Swarovski Created Diamonds’

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Swarovski Created Diamonds

MELBOURNE July 9, 2024 - Swarovski celebrated the launch of Swarovski Created Diamonds with an event held at the new Chadstone store in Melbourne, Victoria. VIP guests and friends of the House including Maria Thatill, Maxine Wylde, Jessie Murphy, Charlene Davies and Tayla Broad enjoyed a day filled with joyful extravagance which included a Swarovski Created Diamonds styling session.

The Swarovski Created Diamonds collection includes ‘Galaxy’, the latest range by Global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert, which takes its inspiration from the birth of the cosmos. The 19-piece collection includes necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets in a dazzling array of diamond cuts, expertly crafted to capture and transform the light. For its launch in the Chadstone store, Galaxy Collection showpieces shone in a special display, reflecting Engelbert’s cosmic inspiration.

Giovanna Engelbert commented: “The confluence of diamonds, Swarovski's heritage, and my creative vision has culminated in a collection that embraces the birth of new dimensions for the universe of Swarovski. The endeavor of meticulously creating diamonds to reflect light in mesmerising ways was remarkable, and what truly excites me is the accessibility to this beauty, thereby elevating the possibilities of customers’ creativity in their self-expression.”

Crafted with Swarovski’s exquisitely cut laboratory grown diamonds, which are identical to mined diamonds in every way but origin, Swarovski Created Diamonds fine jewellery collections showcase the brand’s mastery of light and savoir-faire. They are created with 100% renewable energy and recycled gold and silver, and only diamonds of the highest quality are used, with each stone certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) according to the 4Cs of diamond quality - cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight.

With its long heritage of precision cutting, innovation, and artistry since 1895, entry into the fine jewellery market is a natural evolution for the 129-year-old luxury brand. Swarovski Created Diamonds collections will be rolled out in flagship stores and key markets globally.

The Swarovski Created Diamonds collection is available in 21 stores across Australia and New Zealand, as well as on


WHEN: Tuesday, July 9, 2024

WHERE: Swarovski Chadstone

SOCIALS: #Swarovski #SwarovskiCreatedDiamonds #SwarovskiGalaxy

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Swarovski Created Diamonds are the diamonds of the future.

Identical to mined diamonds in every way but how they originate, Swarovski Created Diamonds are made using an innovative process that replicates nature, resulting in a laboratory grown diamond that is indistinguishable from a mined diamond in all chemicals, physical, and optical attributes. Once grown, after forming layer-by-layer from a tiny carbon seed, they are precision-cut and polished to perfection revealing maximum brilliance, scintillation, and fire. Swarovski Created Diamonds are graded using the 4Cs of clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight. Swarovski Created Diamonds offer the perfect access point for those desiring the luxury of diamonds. Stones of 0.25 carat and larger carry a microscopic laser inscription “SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMOND” as a guarantee of quality and Swarovski’s expertise, craftsmanship, and mastery of light.



Masters of Light Since 1895

Swarovski creates beautiful crystals-based products of impeccable quality and craftsmanship that bring joy and celebrate individuality. Founded in 1895 in Austria, the company designs, manufactures and sells the world's finest crystals, Swarovski Created Diamonds and zirconia, jewellery, and accessories, as well as objects and home accessories. Swarovski Crystal Business has a global reach with approximately 2,300 stores and 6,600 points of sales in over 150 countries and employs more than 16,600 people. Together with its sister companies Swarovski Optik (optical devices) and Tyrolit (abrasives), Swarovski Crystal Business forms the Swarovski Group. A responsible relationship with people and the planet is part of Swarovski’s heritage. Today this legacy is rooted in sustainability measures across the value chain, with an emphasis on circular innovation, championing diversity, inclusion, and self-expression, and in the philanthropic work of the Swarovski Foundation, which supports charitable organizations bringing positive environmental and social impact.



The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has 29 laboratories and 18 education facilities in major diamond and jewellery centers around the world. For over 45 years, IGI has provided the fine jewellery community and consumers with a broad range of services including natural and laboratory grown diamond reports, coloured stone grading and origin reports, as well as jewellery identification and appraisal reports. With the increase of lab grown diamonds in the marketplace, IGI screens millions of natural and lab grown diamonds in order for the industry and consumers to receive the product they expect. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic IGI Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world.




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