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SICK of the BAD WRAP given to Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos?

Big Sky Publishing releases 'Who's the Gang on Our Street?' Contact: Sharon Evans 2 mins read
Giving sulphur-crested cockatoos a BAD wrap.

SICK of the bad wrap given to Sulphur-Created Cockatoos?

Sulphur-Crested cockatoos are smart. Too smart for humanity.

Kids watch the sulphur-crested cockatoos as they play tricks, squawk, flash their combs, love their community, give affection, support mental health. An Australian icon. 'Who's the Gang on Our Street?' is a fun filled discovery of the Sulphur-Crested cockatoos where adults share the antics and significant facts with kids.

Today, people have the authority to SHOOT OR POISON Sulphur-Crested cockatoos, despite the WILDLIFE Protection Act 1975.

Why are sulphur-crested cockatoos getting BAD press?

They have learnt how to open garbage bins. Then teach other cockatoos how to do it. Councils are out in arms trying to stop the cockatoos opening bins. Neighbours are angry.

Sulphur-Crested cockatoos nibble our wood balconies.

Dive bomb cereal and fruit crops.

Play across the sky and cause mischief.

What to do?

Retain old trees around your property, as only the old trees develop the hollows which are required for nesting.

Plant trees that are native to your area.

Grow native trees in parks and verges for a natural food source.

Do not feed cockatoos, otherwise they do not feed in trees and grasses.

Plant onion grass as they love to feed on this. It is decoy especially in country areas.

Cockatoos are wary of birds of prey . Scare them by building kites that look like predators.

In bushy areas, avoid using wood for balconies and windows and similar.

Bird netting reduces the loss of fruit and branch structure by cockatoos. But birds peck fruit! So do we get rid of ALL birds including sulphur-crested cockatoos?
Support research to manage cockatoos in flocks and groups. Support the Taronga Clever Cockie Project and others.
Let's STOP the BAD PRESS on Sulphur-crested cockatoos and work together to protect our AUSTRALIAN ICON.

Author and Illustrator

Susanne Gervay OAM is an award winning author, educational specialist, with a focus on social justice for young people. Sulphur-crested cockatoos bring joy and hope to young people.

Nancy Bevington is a multifaceted visual artist working in painting, illustration and concept creation and execution. She approaches every narrative with fun and sensitivity and loves Sulphur-crested cockatoos.

For interviews or copy of 'Who's the Gang on Our Street' contact or susanne


Key Facts:

SICK of the BAD wrap.

Don't kill or poison cockatoos.

Why do Sulphur-Crested cockatoos open bins?

Will we get rid of ALL birds that peck fruit?

Help our cockatoos and humans live together.


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