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Sydney pet professionals to offer free advice

Paws in Protest 2 mins read
Paws in Protest


Sydney dog trainers “Paws in Protest” will give free dog training advice today at Sydney Town Hall steps from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm.

Paws in Protest formed to publicise modern animal training methods in the wake of social media phenomenon, "Dog Daddy".

Controversial dog trainer, Augusto DeOliveira aka "Dog Daddy" is scheduled to give four classes in Sydney on Saturday and Sunday. 

The Brazilian-born, US trainer uses punishments like hitting, kicking and stringing dogs off the ground to train them.

His training technique can be seen in THIS VIDEO.

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild Australia said on 20 September: “Punishment-based training hurts and doesn’t help dogs and people. These methods are designed to cause pain and fear."

Paws in Protest dog trainers will be on the steps of Sydney Town Hall talking to the public about how to train dogs using modern, evidence-based, force-free methods. 

DeOliveira cancelled London tour dates in the wake of statements of concern by the UK RSPCA, the British Veterinary Association and the UK Kennel Club. He also cancelled dates in Rome.

Paws in Protest believes he shouldn’t teach in Australia because of his cruelty to dogs.

His visit will create division in the community and contravene the cruelty laws in NSW.

"Paws in Protest" dog trainer, Heather Engel, said: “Australia is a nation of dog lovers. We are appalled by DeOliveira's methods.

“Dog training should never involve violence. Punishments make aggressive and fearful dogs worse, making dogs more likely to lash out without warning.

“Dog behaviour can be changed with humane training guided by professionals who practice evidence-based methods.

“This visit highlights the absence of regulation in dog training. Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer.

"We are here to help the public learn about rewards-based, force-free dog training, which is ethical and effective.

"Best of all, it improves the human/animal bond."

DeOliveira was named in the NSW Legislative Council on 14 September by Animal Justice Party MP, Hon. Emma Hurst.

A petition denouncing “The Dog Daddy” has 6500 signatures.




Key Facts:

Dog trainer will give free advice Saturday 10.30 am to 3.30 pm

Sydney Town Hall steps

Paws in Protest urges rewards-based dog training

Coincides with visit of Dog Daddy to Sydney

Humane and effective dog training advice

Contact details:

Further information:

Ian Shivers, The Bondi Behaviourist, dog trainer 0434 397 507

Heather Engel, dog trainer 0414 252 855

Debbie Lustig, coordinator 0402 887 248


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