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Just Gold - Autistic Pride Day 6 mins read
APD Symposium (Melbourne) 2023

Following the groundbreaking success of last year's inaugural event, the Autistic Pride Day Symposium is returning this June with an expanded vision, reaching both Melbourne and Sydney. 


This significant, Autistic-led symposium promises to be a vibrant celebration of neurodiversity, empowerment, and community. With Melbourne hosting the event on June 8 and Sydney following on June 9, participants can look forward to two days filled with insightful panels, engaging workshops, and meaningful discussions, all designed to foster understanding, acceptance, and pride within the autistic community and beyond.


Organised by social enterprise Just Gold, the Symposium seeks to delve deeper into critical themes such as employment and entrepreneurship, workplace accommodations, creating safe spaces, neuroaffirming practices, and the portrayal of Autistic individuals in media. 


  • Thematic Panels and Workshops: Central to the 2024 Symposium will be its emphasis on practical and impactful discussions surrounding employment and entrepreneurship for Autistic individuals. 
  • Workplace Accommodations: A significant portion of the Symposium will be dedicated to addressing the critical need for appropriate workplace accommodations. 
  • Safe Spaces and Neuroaffirming Practices: Recognising the importance of mental health and wellbeing, the Symposium will highlight the creation of safe spaces and the implementation of neuroaffirming practices.
  • Media Representation: With an eye on the current representations of Autistic people in media, the Symposium will engage in a constructive dialogue about how these portrayals impact public perception and the self-image of autistic individuals. 
  • Think Autism Q&A in Sydney: The celebratory Q&A session, "Think Autism," this year will take place in Sydney. Think Autism promises to be a highlight, offering an open platform for dialogue, questions, and shared experiences, further enriching the Symposium’s collaborative atmosphere



We are thrilled to unveil the program for the Autistic Pride Day Symposium 2024, set for June 8th in Melbourne and June 9th in Sydney. These events promise a series of enriching panels and workshops designed to foster understanding, inclusion, and empowerment for autistic individuals. Tickets are now on sale, with accessible options for community access and opportunities for companies to sponsor tickets for community members.

Melbourne Program Highlights:

  •  10:30 AM - Panel 1: Neurodivergent Health Practitioners: Insights and Innovations, featuring Dr Naomi Malone and Dr Judy Tang
  •  11:15 AM - Panel 2: National and State Autism Strategies: Opportunities, Challenges, and Impact, featuring Kyriakos Gold, Sharon Zivkovic, Rebecca McCash, and Sofia Neale. Concurrently, Workshop 1: Autism in the Workplace: Know Your Rights, led by Tammie Sinclair
  •  12:00 PM - Networking Lunch
  •  1:00 PM - Panel 3: Autistic Entrepreneurship: Building a Support Ecosystem in Australia, featuring Kyriakos Gold, Sharon Zivkovic, Rebecca McCash, and Roo Harris. Concurrently, Workshop 2: Unlocking Support, led by Anita Aherne
  •  2:00 PM - Panel 4: Autism and Disability: Perspectives and Intersections, featuring Rosie Putland, Jacob Alan and Ezra Burnett. Concurrently, Workshop 3: Surviving to Thriving, led by Rebecca McCash
  •  3:00 PM - Panel 5: Autistic Led Solutions for Autistic People: Technology Focus, featuring Kyriakos Gold, Michelle Ridsdale, and Roo Harris

Sydney Program Highlights:

  •  10:15 AM - Panel 1: Understanding Autism: Neurodivergent Health Practitioners' Perspectives on Diagnosis, Treatment, and Public Perception, featuring Dr Judy Tang, Dr Naomi Malone, Shristi Chand and Georgia Zentrich 
  •  11:15 AM - Panel 2: Autistic Led Solutions for Autistic People: Programs, featuring Kyriakos Gold, Tammie Sinclair, Rebecca McCash, and Anita Aherne
  •  12:00 PM - Networking Lunch
  •  12:45 PM - Film Screening: Neuromance, introduced by Kyle Goldfinch
  •  1:00 PM - Panel 3: Media Representation of Autistic People: Challenges, Progress, and the Path Forward, featuring Kyriakos Gold, Kyle Goldfinch, and Sandra Thom-Jones. Concurrently, Workshop 1: Autism in the Workplace: Know Your Rights, led by Tammie Sinclair
  •  2:00 PM - Panel 4: Embracing Neurodiversity in Education: Building Neuroaffirming Learning Environments for Autistic Students, featuring Kyriakos Gold, Diana Tan and Marion Rabuka Concurrently, Workshop 2: Surviving to Thriving, led by Rebecca McCash
  •  3:00 PM - Panel 5: Autistic Entrepreneurship: Autistic Cognition and Business Development, featuring Kyriakos Gold, Sharon Zivkovic, Roo Harris, and Christina Chun
  •  4:00 PM - Panel 6: Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Autistic Individuals: Strategies for Inclusion and Success, featuring Kyriakos Gold, Rebecca McCash, Tammie Sinclair, and Sandra Thom-Jones
  •  5:00 PM - Q&A: Think Autism, moderated by Kyriakos Gold, with participation from all speakers
  •  6:15 PM - Networking Drinks

The Sydney event is made possible by the City of Sydney, showcasing their commitment to supporting neurodiverse communities and invisible disabilities.



For too long, Autistic individuals have felt pressure to camouflage their authentic Autistic traits and behaviours - suppressing natural stimming, masking special interests, and altering communication styles. On this Autistic Pride Day, June 18th, 2024 and everyday we're inviting the entire Autism community to join us in Taking Off the Mask.

The 2024 theme celebrates unmasking our true, unashamed, unapologetically Autistic selves. It's about openly embracing the traits and expressions that make us uniquely neurodivergent, without forcing behaviours to fit neurotypical norms and expectations.

Whether that means stimming freely, talking about restricted interests, or simply being comfortable in your own natural communication style - we want you to take pride in your unmasked autistic identity.



The Autistic Pride Day Symposium is powered by the Autistic Pride Day Free Digital Toolkit ( a comprehensive resource we have created for organisations and individuals worldwide. This toolkit provides valuable information, practical tools, and guidance to support Autistic individuals in various aspects of life. By leveraging this toolkit, we ensure that our symposium is not only informative but also accessible and beneficial to all attendees.


Toolkit link:



The Autistic Pride Day Symposium is a premier event dedicated to celebrating and empowering the Autistic community. This symposium is a unique opportunity to come together, share experiences, and learn from one another in a supportive and inclusive environment. We are proud to host a diverse range of speakers, workshops, and activities that cater to the needs and interests of our community.

Our commitment to inclusivity and community-driven content is at the heart of this event. From co-designing topics with community members to offering sponsored tickets and sensory-friendly venues, every aspect of the symposium is carefully crafted to provide a welcoming and accommodating experience. Join us as we celebrate neurodiversity, foster meaningful connections, and empower each other to thrive.


Campaign link:


Logo Pack:





At the Autistic Pride Day Symposium, we prioritise inclusivity and relevance in every aspect of our event. Our commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all participants is evident in every step of our process. Here’s how we ensure our events are designed to be inclusive and supportive:



We believe in the power of community collaboration. By co-designing event topics with community members throughout the year, we ensure that our content is relevant and inclusive. This collaborative approach allows us to address the diverse needs and interests of our audience.



We create platforms for community members to share their voices. By offering speaking opportunities, we empower individuals to contribute their unique perspectives and experiences, enriching the overall narrative of our events.



Our panels are carefully curated to include neuroaffirming narratives. This ensures that the discussions are respectful, supportive, and empowering for neurodiverse individuals, fostering an environment of understanding and acceptance.



We select 6-star, sensory-friendly venues to host our events. These venues are designed to accommodate a range of sensory needs, providing a comfortable and accessible space for all attendees.



To make our events accessible to everyone, we offer sponsored tickets and various attendance options. This initiative ensures that financial constraints or accessibility challenges do not hinder anyone from participating.


Ticket links








During our events, we provide sensory rooms where attendees can find a calming space if needed. These rooms offer a respite from the event’s hustle and bustle, allowing participants to recharge in a quiet, soothing environment.



We are mindful of creating a comfortable environment throughout our events. We avoid amplifying sound excessively, allow for regular breaks for both the audience and speakers, and remain aware of potential triggers. This approach helps maintain a relaxed and accommodating atmosphere.



Our commitment to support extends beyond the event itself. We offer ongoing assistance to everyone involved, ensuring a positive and accommodating experience for all participants.



To maintain a safe and supportive environment, we do not broadcast our events live. Instead, we film the proceedings and edit the footage before presenting it at the digital event. This practice allows us to ensure that the content is thoughtfully curated and sensitive to the needs of our participants.

By incorporating these practices, we strive to create events that are inclusive, supportive, and enriching for all attendees. Join us in fostering a community where everyone feels valued and heard




Key Facts:


The Autistic Pride Day Symposium is powered by the Autistic Pride Day Free Digital Toolkit, a comprehensive resource we have created for organisations and individuals worldwide. This toolkit provides valuable information, practical tools, and guidance to support Autistic individuals in various aspects of life. By leveraging this toolkit, we ensure that our symposium is not only informative but also accessible and beneficial to all attendees.


About us:



Just Gold is Australia's first management consultancy and creative agency that is an accredited social enterprise.

Just Gold is on a mission to amplify the voices of the social sector, empower people, and dismantle social barriers. They collaborate with organisations, governments, businesses, and other social enterprises to provide strategic communications, production, and creative commercial solutions while enhancing their ethical footprint.

Their services range from management consulting, D&I and social impact advisory, communications and strategy to video and podcast production,  e-learning solutions, website creation, social media campaigns, logo design, hybrid events, and so on. The list of their capabilities continues to grow.

Just Gold employs highly skilled professionals from vulnerable groups such as LGBTQIA+, women, migrants, refugees, individuals with disabilities, and carers. This diverse team ensures a collaborative, informed, and bespoke service for their clients.

Furthermore, Just Gold reinvests its profits into offering pro-bono services to individuals and organisations working to address social issues but facing barriers in accessing effective programs or funds for their ventures.

By partnering with Just Gold, clients are making a significant social impact.

Contact details: 

3 Albert Coates Lane Melbourne 3000 Victoria Australia

(03) 9028 5800


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