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Community welcomes reports of offshore wind zone declaration in Illawarra

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The Federal Government is reportedly announcing an offshore wind zone on the NSW Illawarra coast today. Local community groups and renewable energy experts are welcoming the development.


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Ty Christopher, engineer and director of the Energy Futures Network at the University of Wollongong, said:
“The Illawarra offshore wind energy zone is a positive step for our region. Most people are concerned about our climate and the environment, so the declaration clears the way for independent research into the environmental aspects of offshore wind to proceed. By working together as a community, sharing our concerns for the environment to codesign a clean energy future for the region, we have the ability to deliver a positive outcomes for our oceans, our communities and our local economy.”

Associate Professor Michelle Voyer, marine social scientist and member of the University of Wollongong’s Blue Energy Futures Lab, said:
“The period leading up to the declaration of the Illawarra Offshore Energy Infrastructure Zone has been a difficult time for our region. However, now we have a declared zone I am confident that we can get started on the things that all sides agree on – independent, rigorous research which is specific to our area and the needs of our community and local marine environment. This declaration creates an opportunity for our community to come together to shape how the next stages of this long process should proceed.”  


Darryl Best, former coal miner and Illawarra resident, said:  

‘’Wind farms, installed using best practice environmental impact studies, as part of the energy transition, are vital for the people and businesses of the Illawarra region. We have a proud history of being at the forefront of industry and this is the perfect opportunity to ensure clean energy is supplied to Bluescope and other industries, as the country and the world transition away from fossil fuels. It also ensures continuing employment for displaced fossil fuel workers and helps our community to thrive.’’

Sophia Walter, Good for the Gong volunteer, said:
“We’ve been out there at market stalls, outside shops and talking to the community and I can tell you – most people in the Illawarra are happy to see the offshore wind project going ahead so long as it's done right. We’ll be holding the government to account to protect the environment and deliver on promises for local economic benefits. We all know that more renewable energy is ultimately the best thing for the planet and for our community.”

Sean Moran, Good for the Gong volunteer, said:
“I’m really excited to see the offshore wind proposal moving to the next stage – I’ve been spending too much time on social media gauging the public’s support for offshore wind and, despite the targeted disinformation campaign, it’s clear the project has the backing of a lot of people here. We're looking forward to keeping the developers and the government accountable especially around social and environmental impacts.”

Luke Gelder, Tomorrow Movement Wollongong and Good for the Gong volunteer, said:
“As a young person, I'm super happy to see offshore wind progressing here in my hometown – it feels like recognition that my future is important to the government and to Australians. It's essential the government does this well – they need to be consulting with the community, protecting the wildlife out there, and making sure there are jobs and training for the young people of the Illawarra.”


Coco Venegalia, Campaigns Manager at Surfers for Climate and Illawarra resident said:
"Surfers are stoked to see that offshore wind power is being pursued in the Illawarra. We see it as a great opportunity to empower our region to be a leader in clean industry, providing secure employment and skilled job opportunities for the next generation of workers. 

“With more renewable capacity, we can move away from fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, which are causing harm to our oceans and planet.   

“Surfers for Climate is working with the government to ensure there is ongoing effective community consultation and environmental assessment, so that Illawarra locals benefit and our oceans are protected.’’

Amy Boersma, managing director of JUMBO Consulting Group, a Danish renewable energy consultancy specialising in procurement, contract management, supply chain development and contract advisory services predominantly in the offshore wind sector, said:
“The Illawarra will have the ability to showcase the ever developing floating foundation technology.
“The Port of Kembla has been preparing for this new industry and is positioned well to support the development of offshore wind. It will be an exciting time for growth in the region and the possibility of leveraging the Future Made in Australia Act.”
Location: Melbourne


Satya Tanner, the CEO of LAUTEC Australia, a Danish offshore wind consultancy, with a background of 9 years in the offshore wind industry, said:
“This is great news and the first step in establishing a process to test the economic and environmental feasibility of offshore wind in the Illawarra.  

“Steel demand will change shape in the coming decades as more of the world looks for green steel and clean tech options made from renewable energy.

“Therefore offshore wind will be key in creating the clean tech job opportunities that allow young people to stay in The Gong as they grow up.”


Contact details:

Danielle Veldre


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