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Perth Imam’s call for Justice to Prevail and Settlements based on Equity

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Perth 3 mins read
Imam Syed Wadood Janud of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community WA Nasir Mosque (Bibra Lake)


Perth, Australia – June 15, 2024 – Imam Syed Wadood Janud of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community WA addressed a press conference at the Nasir Mosque in Perth yesterday, highlighting the urgent need for justice in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. In this devastating conflict, he emphasised, the need to address the blatant disregard for innocent human life.

Principles of Absolute Justice

When questioned about how the Israel-Palestine conflict would differ if principles of absolute justice were adhered to, Imam Janud referenced the Quran. He stated, "The Quran notes that even at times of war justice must be upheld even if it’s against your enemy. Muslims are admonished to stand for justice even if it be against yourselves or your loved ones." He further explained that if such principles were followed, the tragic events of October 7 would not have occurred, nor would the subsequent loss of 35,000 innocent lives due to Israeli offensive attacks.

Greatest Concerns

Imam Janud highlighted his greatest concern: the unparalleled loss of civilian life and the widespread destruction of infrastructure. He also expressed concern about the global community's inability to rally for peace. "It took the loss of 35,000 mothers, fathers, and children’s lives to even push forth a proposed plan for a ceasefire," he lamented, noting the failure of diplomatic efforts to achieve peace sooner.

Sentiment Within the Muslim Community

Addressing the sentiment within the Muslim community, Imam Janud likened it to a body where "one part hurts, the whole body is in unease." He stated that the community feels unheard and believes their elected politicians are not doing enough to protect the sanctity of human life. "In Australia, we are focusing on prayers, seeking God’s mercy to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians," he added.

Call for Justice and Accountability

Imam Janud urged countries to look beyond their own interests, foreign policy goals, and political and economic ties, and instead focus on upholding justice and ensuring accountability. He emphasised that the sanctity of human life must be protected, whether it be Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. "All lives are equal, and every innocent life should be mourned. We must do our best to reduce human suffering," he stated.

Long-Term Solutions

When asked about long-term solutions, Imam Janud again referenced His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, stating, "I firmly believe that there is only one way to end these wars – that is by ensuring that justice prevails and whatever settlements are made are based on equity, as opposed to what better serves the interest of external powers."

Call to Action for the Australian Government

In conclusion, Imam Janud called on the Australian government to support the majority of world governments pushing for a ceasefire and to hold the perpetrators of crimes against humanity on both sides accountable. His impassioned plea underscored the urgent need for a unified global effort to bring about lasting peace and justice in the Israel-Palestine conflict.


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