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2024 World Pencak Silat Championship Announced | Registrations Open for the Australian International Titles | VIC Championship Results

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International Pencak Silat Championship scheduled for 11 - 13 October in Perth WA

2024 World Pencak Silat Championship Announced

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The date and location for the 2024 Pencak Silat World Championship (Senior & Junior) has just been announced. This years competition will take place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 18 - 22 December.

"Before the recent development, this years competition was uncertain" suggests Lee Edmondson of Pencak Silat Australia.

"The World Pencak Silat Championship was originally due to be held in Singapore, which has since been cancelled. The rescheduling of this years World Championship has been welcomed by the Australian Pencak Silat community, who have not sent a team to the World Championship since Covid-19."

"With Australia hosting an International Pencak Silat competition in several months, the timing could not have been better in order to select the best team for the upcoming World Championship."

To represent Australia, contact Pencak Silat Australia for more information.

Registrations Open for the 2024 Australian International Titles

Registrations are now open for the 2024 Australian International Titles, to be held from 10 - 13 October in Perth, Western Australia. 

"This year, the Australian Pencak Silat Titles will also welcome international competitors and is expected to break the attendance record for the second consecutive year" notes Lee Edmondson (Pencak Silat Australia).

"Winners and outstanding performers during the upcoming 2024 Australian International Titles this October, will be invited to represent Australia during the next Pencak Silat World Championship in Abu Dhabi".

"The World Championship is usually held in a different South-East Asian country every two years, mainly in Indonesia or Malaysia. It is great to see the growth of Pencak Silat in other countries such as Abu Dhabi and the UAE".

"Australian Citizens and Residents are eligible to represent Australia if selected" notes Lee Edmondson.

To register your interest for this event, contact Pencak Silat Australia for more information.

2024 VIC Pencak Silat Championship Results

2024 VIC Pencak Silat Championship

Victoria recently held the 2024 State Pencak Silat Titles. Results have now been announced from this event that was held on 30 June 2024:

- Perguruan of the year: Bakti Negara

- Best male athlete: Thiago Machsun - Bakti Negara

- Best female athlete: Haidah Elmira Lynnski - ASAD VIC 

- Best wasit juri: Razali Osman

"Well done to the athletes and coaches and thank you to everyone who made this event possible such as the VIC organising committee and event sponsors" says Lee Edmondson.

"Events such as this are essential in order to give athletes a platform to put their skills to the test. It also helps give athletes a sense of motivation when leading up to competitions and can help develop fitness and self-confidence".




2024 World Pencak Silat Championship Announcement

Announcement for the 2024 Pencak Silat World Championship

[Announcement from the United Arab Emirates Pencak Silat Federation]


Key Facts:

·       2024 World Pencak Silat Championship Announced, to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 18 - 22 December

·       International Pencak Silat Titles to be held in Australia on 11 - 13 October in Perth WA

·       Winners and outstanding performances will be invited to represent Australia at the World Championship

·       Victoria Pencak Silat Championship Results

About us:

About Pencak Silat

Pencak Silat is a traditional Martial Art found in South-East Asia and has over 800 known styles in Indonesia alone. Indonesian styles of Pencak Silat were historically disguised as a dance during the Dutch occupation, with the most effective techniques hidden in the art form. Previously called the ‘Dutch East Indies’, Pencak Silat (that had been hidden for centuries) helped Indonesia gain their independence at the end of World War II. Pencak Silat then officially became a sport. Pencak Silat holds a World Championship every two years throughout South-East Asia.

About Pencak Silat Australia

Pencak Silat Australia was established in 2014 by Lee Edmondson in order to further the awareness, knowledge and understanding of the Martial Art and traditional Indonesian art form known as Pencak Silat. Lee Edmondson is located on the Gold Coast QLD and is the Apprentice of Guru Eka Aris Suhartanto (Aris) of Wirayudha Pencak Silat, who is located in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia.

About Wirayudha Pencak Silat

Wirayudha Pencak Silat is a traditional Martial Art from the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. Wirayudha is the family style of Guru Eka Aris Suhartanto (Aris), with techniques passed down from generation to generation. Wirayudha is a well-rounded and complete traditional Martial Art with its roots grounded in Indonesian history, warfare and tradition. The Wirayudha style of Pencak Silat has been adapted over many years to include traditional and modern day fighting techniques to suit the ‘real life’ fighting situations of today.

Contact details:

Learn More

Click here to learn more about Pencak Silat, express your interest to compete or contact Lee Edmondson of Pencak Silat Australia for more infromation on training options in your region:

Lee Edmondson
Pencak Silat Australia
+61 424 383 705


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